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Miami Hurricanes new turnover chain was unveiled in a 77 – 0 beat down of Savannah St . Its reported the value of the chain is $98, 456. Big Chonk Cuban link. Let us know what you think yay or nay!.… Fan Buzz stated “Seriously? This cannot be accurate, right? This is just a Twitter spoof that went viral featuring 4,000 retweets and 11,000 likes, correct? The chain awarded to Hurricanes players on the sideline for creating turnovers cannot have nearly a six-figure price tag, can it? It is just Twitter after all.” Also yesterday Mark Richt spoke with the media. Opening statement… “Good afternoon. I think I’m going to start out with our captains for the Toledo game. On offense, Hayden Mahoney. He has graded out the highest of all linemen the last two games, and well-deserved for him. On defense, Joe Jackson and Sheldrick Redwine. On special teams, we have a true freshman, Al Blades. Al has come in and just competed extremely well. He does a super job on every team. Coach Hartley really appreciates it when a true freshman can come in and understand the importance of that part of the game, and have the skillset and the demeanor to take care of business. We’re not afraid to honor a true freshman as a captain throughout the season. If he keeps it up, who knows? He may become a permanent captain by the end. That’s kind of how we do it. “Jason Candle, in his third season at Toledo, is doing a great job. He has already got 22 victories. [Toledo] was 11-3 last year, he was [MAC] Coach of the Year last year. They won their league last year – great job by him and his staff. Of course we played them a year ago, it was our first game off [Hurricane Irma] and it was a barn-burner. It was a battle to the very end. They did a great job and our guys fought like mad too, and we ended up winning it. It was a great battle, and we expect the same [Saturday]. We’re going to be in their house, I guess we’ll be on ESPN2, I just found out, at high noon. It’s supposed to be very warm. I think today’s temperature was a lot lower, I guess, than what game day is supposed to be – I think it’s supposed to be in the 80s. It’ll be nice and warm. We’ll have to do battle in their house. “Their offensive and defensive coordinators are back. Three years, they’ve all been there together, so he’s done a good job of keeping his staff together…they’re really good at what they do. They’re what you’d expect from a team that wins their conference. They’re what you’d expect from a team that wins 11 games. I think they’ve gone the last six years and never won less than nine [games]. They’re winners because they execute. They’re winners because they believe in what they do and how they do it. I think they’re winning because they’ve kept their staff intact and the kids know what to expect. They do a great job. We have to travel there, wake up early and get ready to rock and roll.” On if he likes some nonconference games, vs. conference champions like Toledo, better than others… “I don’t even think in terms of that. I think in terms of who we’re playing. I’m looking at their film, I’m looking at their scheme, I’m looking at their best players – who we need to try to defend, who we need to try and block better, maybe have a scheme for somebody. What are they doing on this down and instance? That’s all I think about with opponents. It’s another game It’s the next one on the schedule. And we have to get ready to improve every minute of every day.” On if he thinks QB Malik Rosier can raise his accuracy rate to a level he wants… “I think he can. The bottom line is we’re going to play who we think gives us the best chance of winning. That’s what we’re doing, bottom line. As long as h is that, he’ll start. If we think someone else gives us a better chance to win, we’ll start that guy.”

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