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Aug 13 Caneville

Thomas Brown RB coach

On how Trayone Gray has progressed during fall camp…

“I’m so proud of that dude. I said it yesterday at [Media Day], his development not just as a player, but as a person – what he’s done off the field, being more responsible, being accountable. He has always been a very talented guy – super fast, straight ahead [runner], very strong. He’s limited some east and west [running]-wise, but we kind of work around that. But his maturity level has come along so fast this past spring and summer. I’m really excited about what he’s doing.”

On if Trayone Gray can play both running back and fullback…
“Absolutely. He will play both. He knows both right now. We give him reps of both at practice, at fullback and tailback. He knows both and he’ll play both for us.”

On having a player who can play both fullback and tailback…
“I think it’s huge. Obviously you have a guy who has played some – not a whole lot throughout his career, but at least has been around the program and been in our system. He knows what we kind of expect from a coaching staff standpoint. The effort every single day, the accountability every single day, is huge to have in that room – especially when you have new guys who just got here with Cam [Davis], Lorenzo [Lingard] and Realus [George]. The more guys we have in that room who can help lead those guys when I’m not around, the better off we’ll be. So I think the fact that he was not hesitant to move when I asked him to move, didn’t have an attitude about it, he just accepted his role, embraced his role and kept working at it, and now he’s back in the mix at tailback.”


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