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Miami Hurricanes debut ranked number 13 in the Nation. They are #8 in the coaches poll. We gave you mix between todays practice and some extra film from yesterday. We asked a questions earlier name a faster wr duo then Jeff Thomas and Mike Harley let us know in the comment section below. ALso who is your starting OL? Who would you like to see start give us your starting 5.

Miami Hurricanes far from the undefeated army fatigues wearing days yes they are. What i do see is a winning culture developing. Cyrim Wimmbs former Miami Hurricane O Line men always tell me they pushed each other policed themselves. Thats a winning culture
when the upper class men know the ropes and enforce the law. They have won before and they show the young bucks the way. UM has a top notch coaching staff and a winning spirit gaining momentum.

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