Three Best Fits For a Jamal Adams Trade

The Best Fits for Jamal Adams

By: Jonathan Harris

As of 4:55PM on June 18th, 2020, All-Pro and Pro Bowl Safety Jamal Adams has requested to seek a trade from the New York Jets. Will he be traded? That remains to be seen. With a failing franchise like New York, it wouldn’t be a far cry to suggest that they hold on to him for this next season. He is currently frustrated with his contract and has taken to Instagram to voice his frustrations. The Jets have a team option this year and Adams is one year from being a free agent.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the three best fits for a Jamal Adams trade:

  1. Miami Dolphins

Miami is on this list for a reason. Adams clearly fits HC Brian Flores’ grit and grind mentality and produces at a high level on the field. Not only that, Miami is in “win now mode” with the rebuild of their franchise from the top down. After losing Rashad Jones this past season, this is their opportunity to replace him with a talent on that level. Miami still has a ton of draft capital to work with, meaning that they don’t need to unload too many assets. Also, they still have over $20M in cap space. If it works, Miami has an opportunity to keep Adams long-term by signing an extension, (which they can afford) and they easily have the best secondary in the league. If they don’t, its just a one-year rental.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

As much as I would not like to admit it, it might be time for the Eagles to move on from Carson Wentz. Until now, it never dawned that this was the perfect way to do it. Sure, Sam Darnold has shown promise, but this isn’t about him. This is about how badly the Eagle’s secondary performed last year and that their QB just cannot stay healthy. If the Jets see something that we don’t in Wentz, this is a perfect way to still get value from an injury-prone asset without letting him walk and filling your needs at the same time.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Forget the contract extension. Adams is still on his rookie deal. Tampa wants to win NOW with a 42-year-old Tom Brady at the helm. They can easily be considered SuperBowl favorites if they trade, with a dominant LB corps plus the addition of the best strong safety in the league. It won’t put them over the cap limit and Tom Brady can relax on offense. It makes sense for Adams, as he would be heralded for helping bring a championship to Tampa. For the Jets, they would need a few first round picks. If they managed to make a few moves to acquire some picks, the Bucs would be a scary sight.

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