Pro Canes 2020 – Miami Hurricanes NFL Draft 2020

Four players drafted for the Canes

by: Johnathan Harris

This year’s NFL Draft saw four former Miami Hurricanes drafted to their pro clubs. Compared to prior years, Miami has been in an underwhelming series of draft classes. With no player drafted in the first 3 rounds for two straight years, it seems apparent that player development, as well as team success needs to improve for the Miami Hurricanes to be taken seriously once again.

With that being said, let’s take a look at who was drafted and what they do for their teams:

Shaq Quarterman, LB, JAX

Shaq Quarterman was drafted in the 4th round by the Jags. He has the defensive IQ to be a top ILB in the league. He also has the size and athleticism to be a top OLB in the league. He started every single game for the Canes in his career, and that is a testament to his durability. Linebacker is one of the most physically damaging positions in the game, and Shaq displayed his dominance on the field. While he has plenty of time to get better and improve his game, he could work on his speed, as that is one of his very minute weaknesses. With his know-how, he takes great angles and cuts offenders off to make plenty of tackles; the very reason he is top-10 in school history.

DeeJay Dallas, RB, SEA

With the addition of Dallas, the Seahawks are going to form an extremely formidable three-headed monster in their backfield. Gaining weight into his final seasons with the team, Dallas transformed his game to fit what the team needed of him, proving that he is a team player. A common theme among UM players is their versatility; something that he clearly possesses. Dallas is dangerous as a returner and developed the size and strength to take on defenders in the backfield as a blocker. It would be a shock if he didn’t make the final roster in August.

KJ Osborn, WR, MIN

KJ Osborn lacks the size and explosion to be a no. 1 receiver at the next level. However, he is easily one of the most reliable receivers Miami has seen in the last few years. He is an unselfish possession receiver with a knack for making something out of nothing. He has heart and great return ability. He is going to benefit the Vikings with his, yes, versatility, to be a great teammate and a great special teams addition.

Johnathan garvin

Jonathan Garvin, DE, GB

  1. Jonathan Garvin was a Junior coming into the draft, taking a chance to see if his name would get called. Lucky for him, the Packers, who are desperate to stop the run, decided to select him in the 7th round. Garvin had a solid year with 37 tackles and a pretty solid career at the U overall. Garvin brings intensity and has a great chance to make the final roster considering the defensive situation in Green Bay, despite going 13-3 on the year. The Packers add depth at a much needed position and look to make a deep playoff run with him.


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