NFL Draft Day 1

NFL Draft Day 1

3 Biggest Takeaways from NFL Draft First Round

The wait is over; we finally got the NFL Draft to save us from our quarantine woes. After a crazy night and several surprises surrounding the first ever virtual draft, these are the three biggest takeaways from the first round:

1. Tua falls to Miami at no. 5

Let me just say, Miami handled the first round with ease and have been easily the cleverest team so far. With tons of smokescreens to hide their moves, the Dolphins managed to basically steal Tua Tagovailoa. With most of the world convinced that they were going to pass and circle back to Jordan Love, including myself, they managed to hold off potential trades for him at the no. 3 and 4 spots by the Lions and Giants. They perfectly maneuvered though the media and managed to grab Tua and a OT in the first round without reaching. They even traded down to no. 30 and got their guy in Noah Igbinoghene while gaining an extra 4th round pick in the process.

1. Green Bay… What?
For some strange reason, the Packers decided to trade up four spots to the 26th pick and select… Jordan Love? We know the Dolphins were interested in him, but they had already selected their QB. No other team needed to draft a QB ahead of them, so what made them trade up? Not to mention, they still have arguably one of the greatest passers the league has ever seen. And even if the QB position was really of need, why not just grab a QB in the 3rd round? I mean, there’s just not a whole lot to understand here. Aaron Rodgers has practically been put on the hot seat, and the team went 13-3! Aaron Rodgers took them to 13 wins without an offensive line, only 1 receiving weapon and a subpar defense. While they could have taken a receiver, the Packers missed out by trying to make a point that only they seem to understand.

Chase Young

NFL Virtual Draft Was Good

For the NFL Draft to be as smooth as it was, it is a testament to the NFL and ESPN staff and crew and all the hard work they’ve put in. With that being said, the real question arises: What does this mean for the future of sports? The game is always changing and so is the way its being presented. A 24/7 sports network was never even a thought until ESPN and now a lot od us make it part of our daily routines. This first round of the draft was beautiful with very few mistakes and glitches as far as broadcasting it. Could this style potentially be the future of sports? With the disaster that was the NBA H.O.R.S.E. competition, many believed that the draft could be a repeat. Fortunately, it was pretty amazing and gave us the gratification we have all been waiting for.


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Jeff Okiduh

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