NFL Draft Aftermath

  • NFL Draft Aftermath: What Happens Next?

By: Jonathan Harris


It is ever-so apparent that the NFL Draft left us scratching our heads and wanting more football, even over a week later. With the some of the current draft classes and roster kinks to work out from a few notable teams, let’s take a look at who we’re looking at in the ensuing weeks and months.

New England Patriots

The Pats’ current projected starter for 2020 with Brady gone is none other than Jarrett Stidham. Yes, you read that correctly. The Pats were too stubborn to draft a QB and it seems like they’ll be too prideful to sign one in free agency. With both Andy Dalton and Jameis Winston signed as backups to other teams, it will be interesting to see their moves. The only other big name free agent is Cam Newton, but it seems as if the QB is taking his time to decide where he wants to play this upcoming season.


Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson just became the league’s youngest MVP of all time. However, his amazing season couldn’t get him to the Superbowl for yet another year. The Ravens have had a stellar offseason so far, but what is most important to look for will be who makes the final roster. Baltimore drafted some highly touted prospects while maintaining most of what they had on both sides of the ball. The final roster is important as they have signed a number of free agents and are looking to thin the herd and pick out the “dogs” who can help them win another chip.


Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins do not get the credit they deserve when it comes to this rebuild. They have turned their ship around and it seems like we are going to see the results of that later this year when the season begins. Miami’s head coach Brian Flores has instilled an attitude in the locker room that is potent with winning culture. To top it all off, Miami had a great draft with great value out all 11 of their picks. Not to mention, they still have 10 picks in next year’s draft. The additions they added, including Tua Tagovailoa, make the dolphins instant playoff contenders. With the culture changing in Miami, it could attract some more big-name free agents in a potentially loaded 2021 class.


Arizona Cardinals

Draft the exceptionally talented no. 1 overall prospect in 2019? Check. Trade for the league’s best receiver in a one-sided trade? Check. Draft the most versatile player in 2020? Check. The Arizona Cardinals are also in a rebuild just five short years after making the 2015 NFC title game. Since then, they have gone through a few QBs, and drafted 2 in the top 10. Arizona is now under the control of Kliff Kingsbury who seems to be going in the right direction. They have the one of the bigger ceilings for underperforming teams in 2019 and it might be for good reason. Is it too late or too early to jump on the bandwagon?


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