Florida’s 7-on-7 Youth Football Season Officially Starts With New Footballville Tournament

Darrell Streeter community activist and speaker, as well as the founder of Footballville a youth empowerment program in Florida, is back with Make a Play 7v7 Tournament 2019

According to Streeter 7-on-7 is an essential appurtenance to traditional 11-on-11 football especially when the needed leadership, culture, and spirit of the game are incorporated.

For those unfamiliar with 7-on-7, it’s essentially two-hand touch football without lineman. Offenses consist of a quarterback, a center and five eligible receivers. Defenses consist of seven defensive skill position players. Offenses can only advance the ball via pass.

“When you focus on more than just winning the game, these kids go on to be positive contributors in their own lives as well because their experience and skill level is so much higher than kids who don’t participate,” Streeter says. “7-on-7 is an in-your-face type of game so it helps kids learn how to compete at a higher level.” is the new website used by Footballville to share their ongoing tournaments and connect with the communities and supporters.

Unlike many other local 7 on 7 tournaments what sets Make A Play 7v7 apart is Mr. Streeter’s commitment to elevating the youth from providing a platform to highlight their abilities and also gain experience beyond the field.

Even Cheerleaders like Howard University’s very own Kianna Robinson have gotten their start working with Footballville’s Sports Media intern program.

“Many children look at sports as a zero-sum game some families fail to consider the many sports media support related positions front of the camera and behind the camera all of which are roles essential to the game. My mission is to open the world to our children because children are the future why not let them lead the way?”- states Darrell Streeter

By sharing the “Process” and experience success coach Darrel Streeter continues to empower the youth and also inspire future pro Football players. In fact many corporate sponsors are starting to participate as well from Lawyers to up and coming Brands like the Shock Doctor.

While Teams Can Empower Their Players While Participating for The Following Catagories:

National Championship

Players enter National Championship Series 15u and varsity. Become Footballville National Championship Team.

National Youth Championship

Players enter National Championship Series 10u,11u,13u and 14u. Become Footballville National Championship Team

Big Man Camp

Designed to give offensive and defensive lineman instruction & tools for success. Get awarded Big Man Camp MVP.

With the continued support and participation from the community 2019 looks to be an amazing year for the dedicated youth who benefit the most. Champions are Created during 7 on 7 games improving players skills, determination and drive.

Get more information on the 7 on 7 Tournament and or register visit:

Contact D. Streeter 1-786-405-9499 for Sponsorship Opportunities

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