Johnathan Harris

Three Best Fits For a Jamal Adams Trade

The Best Fits for Jamal Adams By: Jonathan Harris As of 4:55PM on June 18th, 2020, All-Pro and Pro Bowl Safety Jamal Adams has requested to seek a trade from the New York Jets. Will he be traded? That remains to be seen. With a failing franchise like New York, it wouldn’t be a far […]

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Mike Epstein Time is Now

Player Profile: Mike Epstein  In the NFL, 70% of the player population is African American. More specifically, down to the position of runningback, there has only been one white player taken in the first round in the last 40 years: Christian McCaffery. For Mike Epstein, he finds himself in a rare, but interesting situation—a white […]

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Mello The Bull – Romello Brinson

Player Profile: Romello Brinson By Jonthan Harris One of the nation’s best pass catchers, standing at a solid 6-feet and 2-inches, is looking to win his 4 th straight state championship at Miami Northwestern High School. Romello Brinson is a 2021 stud who shows potential to be one of college football’s best players in the […]

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My Brothers Keeper  – Xavier Hendersen

My Brothers Keeper – Xzavier Hendersen

Xzavier Hendersen has next his not faster then C.jJ. but has something you cant teach size!

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