49 Football-Inspired Baby Names That Are Perfect for Your Future Quarterback

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Are you ready for some football?! (Football baby names, that is.) Whether you’re a lifelong football fan, or just love getting into the sport on Super Bowl Sunday, some of our greatest NFL sports heroes can offer great baby name inspiration.

Don’t believe me? I pored through the list of Hall of Famers, and pulled 49 baby names that will be perfect for any future quarterback. From old school favorites to modern baby names, scroll on for plenty of baby name options that’ll get you inspired. (Who knows, maybe one will even have you yelling “touchdown!”)

1. Allen

Allen shows up a couple of times on the Hall of Fame list including: George Allen: Washington Redskins, Larry Allen: Dallas Cowboys, and Marcus Allen: LA Raiders.

2. Bruce

Listed for Bruce Matthews: Tennessee Titans and Bruce Smith: Washington Redskins.

3. Carter

Listed for Cris Carter: Minnesota Vikings.

4. Charlie

Listed for Charlie Sanders: Detroit Lions, and Charlie Joiner: San Diego Chargers.

5. Curtis

Listed for Curtis Martin: New York Jets.

6. Dan

Listed for Dan Marino: Miami Dolphins and Dan Hampton: Chicago Bears.

7. Dante

Listed for Dante Lavelli: Cleveland Browns.

8. Dawson

Listed for Dermontti Dawson: Pittsburg Steelers and Len Dawson: Kansas City Chiefs.

9. Deacon

Listed for Deacon Jones: LA Rams.

10. Dean

Listed for Fred Dean: San Diego Chargers.

11. Deion

Listed for Deion Sanders: Atlanta Falcons.

12. Emmitt

Listed for Emmitt Smith: Dallas Cowboys.

13. Gene

Listed for Gene Hickerson: Cleveland Browns and Gene Upshaw: Oakland Raiders.

14. George

George Allen: Washington Redskins and George Blanda: Oakland Raiders.

15. Hank

Listed for Hank Stram: Kansas City Chiefs.

16. Howie

Listed for Howie Long: Oakland/LA Raiders.

17. Hugh

Listed for Hugh McElhenny: San Francisco 49ers.

18. Jack

Listed for Jack Christiansen: Detroit Lions and Jack Ham: Pittsburg Steelers.

19. Jackie

Listed for Jackie Slater: St. Louis Cardinals and Jackie Smith: St. Louis Cardinals.

20. James

Listed for James Lofton: Green Bay Packers.

21. Joe

A popular name on the Hall of Fame list, this has been listed for Joe Gibbs: Washington Redskins, Joe DeLamielleure: Buffalo Bills, Joe Perry: San Francisco 49ers, and Joe Namath: New York Jets.

22. John

One of the most popular names on the Hall of Fame list! Stick with this name if you want your kid to go pro! Listed for John Madden: Oakland Raiders, John Mackey: Baltimore Colts, John Hannah: New England Patriots, and John Elway: Denver Broncos.

23. Kellen

Listed for Kellen Winslow: San Diego Chargers.

24. Kelly

Another potential baby girl name! Listed for Jim Kelly: Buffalo Bills and Leroy Kelly: Cleveland Browns.

25. Kennedy

Yet another possible girl name, this one is listed for Cortez Kennedy: Seattle Seahawks.

26. Lance

Listed for Lance Alworth: San Diego Chargers.

27. Lawrence

Listed for Lawrence Taylor: New York Giants.

28. Leo

Listed for Leo Nomellini: San Francisco 49ers.

29. Lynn

A classic name for baby girls, this name is listed for Lynn Swann: Pittsburg Steelers.

30. Marcus

Listed for Marcus Allen: LA Raiders.

31. Marion

Listed for Marion Motley: Cleveland Browns.

32. Mike

Listed for Mike Ditka: Dallas Cowboys and Mike Singletary: Chicago Bears.

33. Montana

A great gender-neutral name, this name is listed for Joe Montana: San Francisco 49ers.

34. Paul

Listed for Paul Warfield: Cleveland Browns.

35. Payton

Listed for Walter Payton: Chicago Bears.

36. Randall

Listed for Randall McDonald: Minnesota Vikings.

37. Raymond

Listed for Raymond Berry: Baltimore Colts.

38. Reggie

Listed for Reggie White: Philadelphia Eagles.

39. Ronnie

Listed for Ronnie Lott: San Francisco 49ers.

40. Rosey

Even tough guys can take on this name, however it’s much sweeter for your little gal. Listed for Rosey Brown: New York Giants.

41. Shannon

Who said you couldn’t find inspiration for your daughter on this list? Listed for Shannon Sharpe: Denver Broncos.

42. Sonny

Listed for Sonny Jurgensen: Philadelphia Eagles.

43. Steve

Listed for Steve Young: San Francisco 49ers.

44. Thomas

Listed for Derrick Thomas: Kansas City Chiefs and Thurman Thomas: Buffalo Bills

45. Troy

Listed for Troy Aikman: Dallas Cowboys.

46. Vince

Listed for Vince Lombardi: Green Bay Packers.

47. Warren

Listed for Warren Moon: Houston Oilers.

48. Wayne

Listed for Wayne Millner: Boston/Washington Redskins.

49. Willie

Listed for Willie Oakland Raiders.

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